Monday, 20 February 2012

Recycling Paper Project/ Lower Primary Department

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 the members of the environmental club recycled some waste paper at school. The aim of this project was to:
- Understand the process of recycling.
 - Turn waste paper into new paper products.
- Maintain hygiene.
-Make recycled greeting cards
The steps involved in the paper recycling process were:
-Waste paper was collected and put in a container.
- The waste paper was soaked in water for a few days.
-The waste paper was ground using a blender and dyes were added.
- The pulp was drained from water.
- The pulp was spread using a rolling pin and was left to dry.
- The pulp is going to be used to make recycled greeting cards.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A scientific lecture entitled "Cholesterol" was held in Rosary College /Shmeisani
Conducted by students of grade 11 "Scientific streem "a":
Shireen Awad and Hiba Haddad.
Supervised by chemistry teacher: Renee Dabaeen.

Its aim is to pay attention to cholesterol levels in our bodies by checking up regularly.
Some ideas that were discussed in the lecture include :
1.  Identifying cholesterol type (LDL /HDL).
2.   Talking about the importance of the fatty proteins with high density in transforming LDL particles that we get from food we consume into the liver while we can find “LDL” in the body in two different sources one of them is “food” which contains saturated fat and “our bodies” where it can be made there. 
3.   Identifying cholesterol as the basic fatty element in the membranes of the cells, vitamin “D”, and sex hormones.

An educational lecture entitled "Global Warming" in Rosary College School shmeisani

An educational lecture entitled "Global Warming" in Rosary College School shmeisani in the elementary stage & grade 3 under the patronage of Sister Konsheta Hassan the head of the secondary stage & the supervision of the science teacher Rola Abbassi , which was followed by different activities including discussing causes , results , & suggested solutions to reduce this phenomenon ,then an animated movie was presented by using the "Active board" showing different human activities that contribute in increasing the problem of Global Warming supported by a detailed slide show prepared by students of the tenth grade :

Dina Al-Soud , Batool Manasra , Haya Alzubaidi , in both languages English & Arabic, in addition to a song entitled
 " The Earth is dying"presented by Haya Alzubaidi .

Christmas Newsletter 2011

Rosary College School
Murad Saidawi media supervisor and coordinator
Rola Abbassi- Science teacher                   

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Video Conference about heridetary diseases

Seeking the good healthy life of our beloved students , A video conference was held between Rosary College School  and the gynecologist Dr. Andera Abu Annab to talk about hereditary diseases to 8th graders. The two stages of Thalasemia (major and minor), color blindness and diabetes were discussed for an hour.
Significant and essential information enriched our students’ knowledge and awareness about the complications of these diseases.

Video Conference about heridetary diseases